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We advise private individuals and companies from all over the World on all security related matters ranging from residential security CCTV systems to Corporate Fraud & Loss Prevention. 

We gain our expert knowledge from the various companies that Vanquish own including;

Vanquish Investigation Services AKA which is considered to be one of the largest investigation companies in The UK an The US,
Vanquish Security ( who provide a number of private security services, which is an online store retailing security and covert monitoring products,
And finally Vanquish Software Development which creates both covert monitoring and security software products.

We charge a consultation fee for our services plus any other services/ products you decide to go ahead with. 

Our clients range from Celebrities, Sports Stars, High Net Worth Individuals and Business.

Private Consultations
security consultants
Residential Consultations
residential security consultants
Corporate Consultations
corporate security consultant
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