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Bug Sweeping Services

We are pleased to announce that we have taken over the technical surveillance countermeasures services from Vanquish Investigation Services. This has come about as a result of some structural changes of both companies.

Our new promotional video is now available to watch on YouTube. TSCM services have often fallen within the remit of investigation services but as one that helps secure an location from electronic surveillance, it is arguably more of a security countermeasures.

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Video Transcript:

Covert monitoring in private residences and corporate espionage is on the rise. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures AKA Bug Sweeping Is a service that Vanquish provide to private and corporate clients across the globe. All of our operatives are trained to the highest standard through our own training academy. Our Chief Operating Officer Michael Chandler, is the author of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures which sells internationally We provide searches for private residences, offices, cars, yachts and practically anywhere that you are concerned about being monitored. Our specialist operatives, who are trained in forensic awareness and evidence handling, will sweep for All types of Bugging Devices including Listening Devices Recording Devices Covert/ Hidden Cameras Wire taps Mobile Phone Spy Software and how the intelligence is populated PC, Laptop & Tablet Spyware And vehicle tracking devices Our unique service comes with a full report, excellent customer service and an after care pack Contact us today for a free quotation.

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