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Bodyguard Hire London

Vanquish are well known for providing the highest calibre of operatives in the private security industry. We achieve this by implementing a policy which states that we do not recruit anyone that hasn't successfully passed one of the training courses held by Vanquish® Training Academy.

Our academy is famous for holding the World's first and only "Application Only" civilian close protection course. This means that you can't simply book onto the 21 day course, you have to apply for it first to even be considered. At this point in time, we have between 40-60 applicants per course and we only accept 6 on each one.

We specifically look for those who have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

We provide close protection officers all over the UK for short term, long term and ad-hoc contracts. We currently serve clients from the US, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and China.

With offices based in central London and Manchester and operatives all over the country, we have the unique capability of deploying bodyguards at a relatively short notice although, the more notice we have, the better prepared our staff will be.

Our sister company Vanquish® Investigation Services Ltd is a private investigation company who specialise in investigation threats received by our security clients. They also deal with a lot of fraud cases. For more info, please visit

If you would like more information, please visit our site at or download our free digital brochure by completing the form below:


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